Specializing In Collegiate & Custom Flags, Banners, and Blankets Since 1978

About Us

University Blanket and Flag (UB&F) began in 1978 by a family from St. Joseph Michigan, who wanted to show support for their University of Michigan Wolverines. They quickly realized that other alumni and fans, also, wanted to show their support and pride for their alma mater and school.  Because of this, UB&F expanded to produce a wide variety of products for colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Today, UB&F is proud to be the nation’s top choice for manufacturing and wholesaling collegiate flags and other custom products, including banners, pennants and blankets. We create custom products for universities, high schools, clubs, corporations, golf courses, municipalities, race tracks and hotels to show off their pride! 

Our customers purchase from UB&F for the following reasons:

  1. Widely Licensed –UB&F currently has more than 450 licenses, for all of the major universities.  Additionally, if a new license is needed, we will work with you to acquire the license. 
  2. Superior Quality – We began by developing industry standards for design and quality. Many of the products that we currently manufacture, look similar to the ones we created decades ago. UB&F is constantly monitoring the quality of our products.  
  3. Proven Track Record – Our 35+ year-history, along with our many returning customers, points to a very successful company. 
  4. Endless Possibilities – We can create any flag or blanket product to meet your specifications!

Nationwide Marketing with a Family Feel 

One of the unique characteristics of UB&F is that we are national in size, but family in feel.  In fact, despite creating products for organizations from Boston to San Diego, and Miami to Seattle, the company is still owned and managed by the original family that began UB&F, nearly four decades ago.  Our customers are appreciative of the personal, positive relationship.  They know that UB&F can be trusted to supply them with, exactly what they require. 

Our Code of Conduct 

As part of our commitment to our customers and community, we have created UB&F’s Corporate Code of Conduct. The owners and employees of UB&F live by this code and we, also, expect our suppliers to abide by its important contents.  To view our Code of Conduct, simply follow this link