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Flagpole Hardware

Please consider ordering flagpoles when placing your flag, banner or garden flag orders.  With low minimuns, the poles are a great addition.  Our hottest seller is the 6-ft Telescoping Flagpole.  In addition, we offer an adjustable flag bracket, tailgate flagpole, and garden flag poles. 

6-ft Flagpole & Mounting Bracket

The 6-ft Flagpole collapses to 29-inches for easy display and shipping. These flagpoles will fly BOTH flags and home banners. The pole features two tangle-free clips to enable to the flag to fly freely. These can be purchased as the flagpole separately or as a pole and bracket kit.

Tailgating Flagpole Set

The 19-ft Tailgating Flagpole collapses to 4-ft for easy shipping and display. Flagpoles will fly 1 or 2 flags at a time. Features 4 tangle-free clips to enable the flags t fly freely. Set comes complete with flagpole and tire base.

Garden Flagpole

The 3-piece garden flag pole will fit any standard garden flag. This metal pole stands 3-ft tall.