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UB&F Products

Stores and university bookstores across the nation love selling our flag products, because they know that...

"Hang it, and they will sell."

Our three most popular products are our flags, home banners and pennants. This is, certainly, true when it comes to displaying your pride for your college, high school, or favorite sports team… or any other type of organization.


UB&F flags and banners are manufactured from 200-denier, heavy-duty nylon with superior UV resistance. They are double-lock stitched around the perimeter and quadruple lock-stitched on the "fly end" for added strength and durability.  Additionally, they are finished with a white webbed header and two brass grommets. 

UB&F flag products are manufactured by using the most popular manufacturing techniques: applique; dye sublimation (Durawave); screen-printed and intricate embroidery with detailed applique (Nylomax).

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Banners are 40” x 27”. They are sleeved at the top and are a great option for those who want to hang a banner from a pole attached to a building. Home banners are, also, available using the four different manufacturing techniques; applique, dye sublimation, screen printing or intricate embroidery with detailed applique. Six foot aluminum flagpoles are sold separately.

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UB&F pennants are manufactured using either nylon or the classic felt material. The logo is, primarily, screen printed and is available in a variety of sizes. The most popular size is 12” X 30”.

Pennants are, also manufactured using the NyloMax (sewn) method.

Our pennants are widely used as boat flags. 

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As our name denotes, we proudly manufacture both flags and blankets. Blankets are a favorite for stadium use or tailgating. They are also ideal for use on your bed, at picnics or at the beach. Like flags, blankets show the pride of being part of an organization, but have the added benefit of being functional. We offer two types of blankets to best suit your needs. 

Embroidered Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are perfect when some warmth is desired. Each blanket comes with the organizations logo and/or name embroidered, either in the center or closer to the edge of the blanket. Embroidered fleece blankets are available in eight colors: red, cardinal, maroon, emerald green, royal blue, navy blue, gray, and purple. Each of these blankets come rolled with a black carrying strap for easy packing and toting. 

All-Weather Fleece Blankets

This blanket has cozy fleece, but also has a nylon back that makes it great for spreading out on the quad for a picnic, or to keep out the wind at a brisk fall football game. This product comes folded with a carrying handle, and includes a 3"x6" pocket that can be embroidered with up to 30 1-inch letters. All-Weather fleece blankets are available in six colors: navy blue, royal blue, green, black, gray, and true red.

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UB&F garden flags measure 15” x 12” and are made of sturdy 2-ply polyester  Your custom design is printed on both the front and back. Garden flags/window flags are sleeved at the top and fit any standard garden flag pole (sold separately). A plastic rod and two suction cups are included in the package. This allows the flag to be displayed in doors.

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Of the many car accessories available on the market, perhaps the most visible item is a car flag. Bumper stickers, license plate frames, and window stickers help show your pride but nothing compares to a car flag flying down the road. People love the excitement of honking to each other in support as they head to the big game.

Car flags are manufactured with 2-ply polyester, with sewn edges. In addition, each flag comes with a strong polyester plastic pole that securely attaches to any car, SUV, or pickup truck window. UB&F’s custom car flags are made to order and require orders of 72 or more. To begin the design process, please follow the link below.

Another popular car accessory is the auto sunshade. The front windshield auto sunshade is made of UV treated nylon to reflect light and heat. The large logo is printed on the silver sunshade. This product is collapsible for easy storage.

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UB&F wants to help you make an impression. Customize table drapes and runners with your school or organization name for your next function. Remember -- a blank table is a missed opportunity!

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